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Winco Int. Corp. products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. These standards makes it possible to guarantee a constant manufacture quality with high-quality raw materials as well as a traceability without fault combined with a strong determination to control the environmental impact.

Our last Random type production lines are among the most on powerful on the world. This associated with a strong logistics makes it possible to satisfy important orders within short deadlines. Because building and house insulation is a paramount source of energy saving, Winco Int. Corp.. proposes a complete range of thermal insulation products respectful of the environment, adapted to the construction markets.

Winco Int. Corp. is above all men and women always ready to share with you and your customers their expertise and their passion.

RANDOM Production line WINCO - production capacity of 70.000.000 sq.ft /year

Protection of the nature
WINCO uses a broad proportion of recycled materials (more than 90%) in the manufacture of its products. The use of continuous Filaments of glass reduces pollution due to manufacture process. Our products are manufactured under standard ISO 14001

Protection of Health
Winco Int. Corp.products do not contain V.O.C. (Volatile Organic compounds) nor Formaldehydes and are not carcinogens (European directive 97/69/CE).

Savings on energy and costs
Winco Int. Corp.products allow an important reduction of the energy expenses and bring an immediate comfort.